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Character Design: Theo

[TheFlowerManofLonelyPlanet]Theo[The Flower Man of Lonely Planet]-Theo

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Character Setting#

Originally an intern engineer of the 54th Interstellar Resource Exploration Team,
he was accidentally left behind on a small asteroid in the Apollohe star system during the internship voyage.
Wearing an improved version of the 97-type work suit with a waist bag,
carrying essential tools and the seeds of the "Casselo" flower.
He is introverted and silent, not fond of socializing, but has a strong perseverance when faced with difficulties.
His mind is filled with various romantic and unrealistic fantasies.
He likes plants and once aspired to be an ecologist.
After being left behind on the asteroid, he planted the "Casselo" flowers all over the surface.

World Setting#

In the year 2775, human demand for various resources has exceeded the Earth's reserves. In order to maintain the scale of civilization, governments of various countries have dispatched interstellar resource exploration teams to explore and obtain resources in the nearest star systems. In such an era, professions such as engineers and mathematicians are in high demand. Many residents of underground cities hope to change their social class by passing the engineering college entrance examination.

Character Story#

1. Gloomy Family and Independent Nature#

Theo was born into an ordinary underground city family. His mother is hot-tempered and likes to nag, often arguing with his father. His father is not good with words and takes a laissez-faire attitude towards Theo's growth. Growing up in such an environment, Theo developed the habit of independence and perseverance at an early age, but at the same time, he is introverted and not good at socializing. Theo has always liked various plants since he was a child and once dreamed of becoming an ecologist, but for a living, he chose to study mechanical engineering and became a mechanical engineer.

2. Dramatic Failure at the Beginning#

After graduating from the Erocas Mechanical Institute at the age of twenty, Theo followed the 54th Interstellar Exploration Team to the Apollohe star system for an internship. He was accidentally left behind on a deserted asteroid. This was a major mistake, and the communication system of his landing pod was severely damaged. As an intern engineer, he worked hard to repair it, but couldn't find any signals anymore. The main fleet had already returned because they couldn't find him.

3. Stranded in Desolation, Mind Connected to Vastness#

Theo is very fond of a flower called "Casselo" because "Casselo" means "pure" in ancient Greek. He carries the seeds of the Casselo flower with him and originally wanted to try cultivating new varieties on the spacecraft, but unexpectedly found that the Casselo flower grew well in the soil of the asteroid. Being in the depths of the stars, he planted Casselo flowers all over the surface of the asteroid. Day after day, he waits until another interstellar resource exploration team arrives here.

Typical Pose & Three Views#

Typical Pose


Expression Design#


Prop Design#


1. [Casselo] Flower#

[Casselo] Flower
A one-year-old plant of the Papaveraceae family with white flowers. Born from genetic engineering, it has strict growth conditions and requires an adequate amount of various elements in the soil.
The term "Casselo" comes from ancient Greek Καθαρό, meaning "pure".

2. Z75 Energy Collector#

Energy Collector

Energy Collector Rendering

An important life support device for astronauts, it can convert easily usable energy such as magnetic energy, solar energy, potential energy, and mechanical energy into chemical energy to sustain the lives of astronauts.

3. Wind and Sand Resistant Optical Goggles#

The lenses are made of synthetic diamonds to protect the eyes from scratches. They are commonly used by engineers.

4. [99 Universal Space Helmet]#

Developed in 2699, it is a versatile space helmet that is lightweight, high-strength, airtight, with a high-strength face shield and powerful computing capabilities. It is widely used in interstellar travel.

5. [Tool Waist Bag]#

A tool waist bag personally made by Theo's mother. It carries various engineering tools. In the smallest pocket, there are seeds of the Casselo flower.

Design Inspiration#


The initial inspiration came from "loneliness". Loneliness is an eternal topic in human growth and development, and everyone inevitably feels lonely in their growth. Only when alone can a person truly examine their inner thoughts and ideas, and truly integrate into the surrounding environment.


I drew inspiration from many works, including the setting of the small planet in "The Little Prince", the idealism of Hiro in "Big Hero 6", the pursuit of ideals and contemplation of death in "Coco", the steampunk world setting in "The Chosen of Heaven", and the contemplation of loneliness in "Passengers", and so on.

In order to express the theme of "loneliness", I have considered many stories, and finally decided to use the setting of being left alone on a small asteroid. Based on this, the worldview and basic setting of the character were developed. After laying the foundation for the character's story, in order to add more dramatic conflicts to the character, I chose to shape him as a pure idealist. It is when one's own unrealistic but firm ideals clash with reality that a character becomes more three-dimensional. To portray the harsh reality, I enriched the character's background story. I hope to highlight the inner conflicts and make his perseverance in loneliness more precious.

Design Process#





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